My music and Youtube and monetization.

I’m writing this almost as a bookmark to send to people dealing with this situation either with my music or someone else’s.

Here’s the setup.

1, Someone emails me or my handler (yeah, I’m a black bear) asking if they can use my music in their Youtube video, or reads an infographic on explaining what usage is allowed.

2. They put my music in their totally awesome or totally stupid non-commercial video.

3. Google sends them a warning saying they’ve violated the copyright of some company and disables monetization.

4. They email me angry that I would give them permission and then go after them.

So here’s the thing. I AM totally 100% okay with you using my music in anything that isn’t an advertisement, broadcast on television, played in theaters, or sold for financial gain. In the vast majority of these cases, I’m not even aware of the video. The problem lies in the massive organizational clusterfuck between Tunecore, Audiam, and Google, who all work together with the efficiency of a union plumber, union electrician, and alcoholic union foreman (Chicago joke, maybe).

I have no option of “whitelisting” anything other than my channel, and for years I’ve been receiving copyright violations on my own music anyway.

I’m typing on my laptop while eating seafood and looking at the ocean, so I’m not going to ruin this experience by going on a rant about how shitty the IP organization  is between these giant publishing firms and giant content providers are. But I can promise you, no matter how frustrated you are with it, I’m perpetually about 4 times more frustrated with it.

So what can you do?

Well, a couple big channels have had success with simply sending me a waiver detailing the use and including the Youtube video link, getting it back from me with a signature, and then sending it to Google.  That seems to do the trick.

The problem with that, is that roughly 20 new videos show up on Youtube per day with my music in them, so my life would be printing, signing, scanning, and providing technical support for this wacky copyright permission system, which I have no desire to do.

I haven’t figured out the details yet. But for monetized videos, I’m going to set a flat rate for signed permission sheet, and a slightly larger flat rate to have the permission agreement made and signed for you. Then, 100% of the profit from that fee will go to charity.

That way at least a kid gets a bag free bag of rice and some shoe laces out of the whole thing.

So anyway, it’s super annoying, and there’s little I can do about it. I despise it because Youtube is a huge promotion tool and this IP fingerprint library crap discourages that from happening.