More G̶a̶r̶b̶a̶g̶e̶, Chicago Style.

Early this morning I received an email telling me that my show next weekend at Cobra Lounge in Chicago has been axed to make way for Progressive Car Insurance’s MOTOBLOT. No amount of my persuasion has worked to recovering a gig I confirmed in fucking April.

I’ve already spent 4 figures on non-refundable travel and accommodations, even more in new live gear, many tickets have been sold, and I personally know a handful of people traveling to Chicago for the event. I’ve pulled an all-nighter reaching out to other venues and spaces, but the 1% who responded told me that they are booked.

I’ll update this post with news related to the event as well as my Twitter. If anyone knows of a space in Chicago that has a decent sound system and can legally accommodate 200 people on June 27th, please let us know. You can email

Cobra made good and rescheduled the other event. The gig is on. I have PTSD.
For a bulk of reasons, this will be my last set of shows for a long time. So I hope everything goes smoothly!

Also a shout out to Grandbar. They were very open about accommodating a last minute booking and extremely nice folks. I know where I’ll be having a drink on my day off in Chicago.